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The Barcelona Pavilion


Less is More.

The Barcelona Pavilion, a reconstruction of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's 1929 German Pavilion for the Barcelona International Exposition (also referred to as the World's Fair) is a the phrase "less is more" in a building. The Barcelona Pavilion is notable because it represents some of the most dominant philosophies of the self-educated architect. Mies was a modernist who was thoughtful about hoe nature and built structures interact. The minimalist structure employs expensive stones, referring back to the architect's childhood working in his father's stone carving shop. The space features 2 shallow pools and a lush back garden. And the views from the different rooms are all so different and beautiful. 


I fell in love with the pavilion. The space was quiet and meditative. I honestly didn't want to leave. And despite the building being completely exposed to a public square in a very touristy area it felt tucked away from the city. I felt like a like a house sitter to someone with very excellent taste.


After admiring the genius of Mies van der Rohe I had fallen in love with minimalism all over again. Event the travertines and marble I first thought a bit tacky had grown on me. I left feeling light and inspired. And each time I look back on these photos I get those feelings again.


I (obviously!) highly recommend a visit to the Barcelona Pavilion. You will be surprised how interesting such a bare bones place can be.