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Our Los Angeles AirBnB: Apartment Tour


I have long been a fan of AirBnB. Since my partner and I last visited Europe I have become pretty savvy at finding great deals in lovely spaces (if I do say so myself). Our trip to LA in March was no exception, so I thought I would show you around the space! Read my post on how to decide if AirBnB is for you if you are having doubts of your own.


Welcome to Mar Vista! Adam and I were originally looking for a place in Venice (near the beach) but booked so late in the game that all the good (and affordable) places were gone. Nevertheless and fortunately, we were able to find a shared apartment with it's own private bath (and an amazingly hospitable host) in a neighboring area called Mar Vista. We ended up loving it here! The neighborhood was quiet enough that we were able to avoid the tourist congestion and find parking everyday. Not to mention the space itself is so California cool. The aesthetic is pretty different from our minimal apartment in NYC, but it made me rethink what home can feel like...


This AirBnB had a very easy vibe, from the enormous couch you sink right into, to all of the plants that absorbed all the incoming sunshine. I really loved how "lived in", yet neat the place was. Everywhere you turn there is something that catches your eye and tells a story about the person who lives there. No two items look alike, yet everything is cohesive.


As minimalists, I struggle with having things that are sentimental lying around (or even stored away). Adam and I keep these types of items limited, but we both were very inspired by the simple and natural way that all of the items (most very functional) were exposed. Each item was special and in a way felt celebrated. And after all that is the point of my minimalist lifestyle, to only have things that are of values to me, so why not celebrate them a little!