When the stars align I blog about climate change and sustainability ideas. Here I catalog innovative ideas that I think contribute to a sustainable and authentic lifestyle. I love art, design, technology, and to travel. I love the idea of minimalism and philosophies that discuss creating value so those ideas sneak in here and there. 

Kill the K Cup

My obsession with coffee continues

Years ago one of my great friends, Teresa (who has a wonderful etsy shop), took it upon herself to make our office more sustainable. The greatest challenge,: our hated Keurig machine. She tried a few things... pod recycling programs, reusable pods that we filled with our own grounds, but the hassle just made us hate Keurig even more! This is why the brilliant Droops Coffeemaker by industrial designer Eason Chow gets me so excited! 

Isn't it just beautiful? And what's even better than pretty is something that solves a problem in a sustainable way. Peace out trashy K-cups, hello sexy Droops!

Read more about the design here.