When the stars align I blog about climate change and sustainability ideas. Here I catalog innovative ideas that I think contribute to a sustainable and authentic lifestyle. I love art, design, technology, and to travel. I love the idea of minimalism and philosophies that discuss creating value so those ideas sneak in here and there. 

Don't Close Your Eyes

Lately I have been uninspired by the cultural activism in the climate change scene. There has been so much talk about the Pope's encyclical it has drowned out a lot of other things going on in the world... or maybe I just haven't been digging as deep as usual. But this morning that changed when I learned about Word on the Curb via the Guardian.

Word on the Curb is a collective of filmmakers and spoken word poets who use their videos (on youtube) to discuss social issues of today. Their most recent film is Don't Close Your Eyes. It reminded me so much of the FutureCoast project I worked on last summer which took a fictional look at the world in the near future considering climate change. Word on the Curb is warning the audience (in a non-preachy way) not to "close our eyes" to climate change by defaulting to inaction & the status quo. 

The video is a beautiful easily digestible narrative with skillful poetry behind it. I highly recommend taking a look.