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Political Climate

With midterm elections just a month away, Democrats are at risk of loosing the Senate. If they do lose, both chambers of congress under the control of the Republicans. Fortunately, progressive groups have been taking every action to prevent conservative total take over-- legislative edition. 

Since the Republicans took the majority in the House in 2010, the House Science Committee has been throwing roadblocks in the way climate action. Not only did the Committee called a hearing to review the UN International Panel on Climate Change's assessments, but they have been introducing (and passing throughout the House) bills that will limit the EPA's regulatory power over GHGs and subsequently the little progress made on Climate change in this country through the Clean Carbon Plan earlier this year. And don't even get me started on the cuts in federal climate science research... Lets just say all hope for substantive legislation addressing climate change if the plague of congressional climate deniers increases in political power.

Fortunately, climate activists are aware of the upcoming tight election and have devised a campaign to help us navigate the "goodies and baddies" running this term. breaks down the importance of every vote, the science, the current legislation around climate change, and provides a database of candidates with pro-climate action platforms. The campaign has made it so easy for people like me, an activist with a distaste for politics, to survey the entire election landscape and make an informed decision.

It also doesn't hurt that their video's of children quoting climate deniers in Congress made me laugh out loud and cringe enough to have to take action. (There are more!)

Also, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions did a study on the climate debate in congress. It is interesting to see such a bipartisan divide on an issue that does not see party lines.