When the stars align I blog about climate change and sustainability ideas. Here I catalog innovative ideas that I think contribute to a sustainable and authentic lifestyle. I love art, design, technology, and to travel. I love the idea of minimalism and philosophies that discuss creating value so those ideas sneak in here and there. 

Polar Melt in Pastel

The number of artists identifying with the climate change cause is ever increasing as the impacts infiltrate more individuals daily life. Zaria Forman is one such artist. 

Capturing issues such as arctic melt and sea level rise, Forman's stunning drawings will be looked back on as a historical record depicting the early chapters of the rapidly changing climate story. Her drawings of soft pastels on paper somehow capture movement within the landscape. Her hands themselves find a way to show us a moment in time that is lost forever. 

Forman travels around the world to study the most remote landscapes. Her 2012 project, Chasing the Light,illustrated Arctic melt in Greenland; in images such as Greenland #63 you can see the shimmer of light reflecting off of a melting iceberg. A more recent, The Maldives, on the other hand demonstrates the impact of the melt in the form of sea level rise. As one of the most vulnerable place to rising se levels, Forman may have drawn the Maldive island shores as they will never be seen again. Her hope is to raise awareness about the crises facing our planet in a productive, beautiful, and optimistic manner. Watch her artists video for more insight into her mission.

all images are original work by Zaria Forman

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