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Now Lie In It

Never have I ever appreciated my Hefty garbage bags as much as after seeing  the 7 Days of Garbage photo series. Opaque plasitic and a bin under the cubboard has granted me a blissful ignorance until now.

Photographer Gregg Segal showcases real people (literally) in a weeks worth of their trash in three settings: beach, forest and water. The California based photographer shot all of the jarring scenes in his backyard stating, "I wanted to call attention to how much garbage we produce and do it in a very straight-forward way - I wanted to go for the jugular." And go for the jugular he did.

The visual power of his photographs speak to the consumptive power of humans, paritcularly humans in the developing world. Just think this is one week out of 52 in a year, out of over 80 (hopefully) in a life, out of over 7 billion people currently on the planet (1 billion of which are in the developed world).

Maybe if we had more sustainable packaging like this or this, the photos wouldn't be as compelling.

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