When the stars align I blog about climate change and sustainability ideas. Here I catalog innovative ideas that I think contribute to a sustainable and authentic lifestyle. I love art, design, technology, and to travel. I love the idea of minimalism and philosophies that discuss creating value so those ideas sneak in here and there. 

What I Love

I love New York City, coffee, fresh baked bread and architectural design. I also love photography, travel, and a sense of community. What do all of these things that I love have in common?

They are threatened by climate change.

The beautiful, online awareness interactive site features a dramatic score, gorgeous photography, and stunning facts about aspects of out life we tend to take for granted. After building my own personal canvas of 8 items I love, I was invited to explore them all. Greeted with the sounds of New York, or philosophical quote what I love highlights how sea level rise is washing away coastlines, or changes in precipitation patterns is affecting food security

What I love most about What I Love is what tends to be lacking in climate change forecasts. The  Climate Reality Project has taken the time to help individuals draw the connection of climate change into their lives. To see the be and small impacts in their many potential forms. Although some items like bread and coffee are small in scale, these are things that shape our daily life. And don't we already pay too much for a good latte as it is?