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Climate Change, Meet Cards Against Humanity


This holiday my awesome boyfriend got an awesome gift: The 10 days or Whatever of Kwanzaa Cards Against Humanity (CAH) expansion set!


Initially I was just super excited to see a climate change reference pop up on one of the days: rising sea levels consistent with scientific predictions. But then, on day 9, CAH announced a donation of $1 for each gift sold to the Sunlight Foundation

I have (reasonably) ranted about politics here before, and if you know me in person you know that I believe the greatest ill of US politics is the money wrapped up in it. So I was very impressed to see that the Sunlight Foundation is a nonpartisan organization that encourages honesty, transparency, and accountability in governments globally, overall reducing misinformation and disempowerment of citizens. It's organizations and initiatives like these that will make Senate votes on the existence of climate change a distant memory.

So for all CAH's claims to be anti-humanity, it is truly pro-humanity underneath it all.