When the stars align I blog about climate change and sustainability ideas. Here I catalog innovative ideas that I think contribute to a sustainable and authentic lifestyle. I love art, design, technology, and to travel. I love the idea of minimalism and philosophies that discuss creating value so those ideas sneak in here and there. 

Climate Humor Cheat Sheet

Some of my favorite climate-related news from this week:

The Pope said, man "has slapped nature in the face." Now if that doesn't get a nerdy laugh-out-loud I don't know if anything else in this post will! I really, really hope a derivative meme appears online soon.

And another reason to LOL: The Onion reviews a climate report. In the aftermath of last week's heinous Charlie Hebdo attacks (amongst others) it is good to be reminded of satire's value in society.

"Climate impacts" distilled down into these 7 ways climate change can kill you, or as I like to call them: the 7 Deadly Climate Sins.

Sea level rise is accelerating more than anticipated. Okay, it's hard to find the humor in this one but here goes: isn't it funny how despite all the science we are still debating climate change (see below)?

And for your last laugh of this post (drumroll please.....) The US Senate is about to vote on whether-or-not climate change is real. No, I am serious.

Well, I hope this lifted your mood a little bit! If not, this will: IT'S FRIDAY!! Have a beautiful, light-hearted weekend.

Bonus: I saw the wittiest response ever to a climate-denier troll!