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Doomsday Cheat Sheet


Well, this week was eventful! The Doomsday Clock was moved forward to 3 minutes to midnight.

In honor of the scientists measuring how close to global disaster this weeks compilation includes some of the latest climate science news!

So you may already know how volcanoes can influence the climate, but research have found that climate change can influence volcanoes!

Continuing on our theme of science and disaster, scientists have proven that climate change is revving up the global heat engine that powers storms.

And incase stronger storms don't bother you, look at how the thunderstorms may be making climate change worse

And for the finally: oceanic dead zones. Fish may suddenly be a long gone memory with fast appearance of low-oxygen areas appearing and expanding.

Sorry for ending January on a gloomy note, but not to worry! I am sure February will bring better news on the climate action front... well I am hopeful.