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Macklemore The Sustainability Activist

Grist got it wrong this time. 

I feel dirty as I type that... I love Grist. Love Love Love Grist. I particularly enjoy contributors Eve Andrews and Brentin Mock who respectively post on women's and justice issues in the sustainability and environment spheres. But as I said earlier, Grist got it wrong.

Andrews' recent dump on Macklemore made my heart shrink. I know there are many reasons for cool people everywhere to no like Macklemore or his music, but I love him! I mean Thrift Shop!? It's a sustainability anthem (even if unwittingly), and impossible not to dance/rap-along to when it plays.

Yes, the sesame street remix is cheesy and Andrews "human cheeto" stab was hilarious. But come on, I was raised on Sesame Street and am super jealous of today's 2-6 year olds.

Now that I got that out I am going to listen to Thirft Shop on repeat for 90 minutes.

PS: Eve, I am not an American man-child frat boy, but the Spice Girls on my Spotify list may indicate my questionable taste in music.