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Brewing Tea


I am one of those people who love both coffee and tea. Whereas coffee keeps me going, I use tea to slow down. I used to be a tried and true disposable tea bag kind of person, I mean thats how my British mother taught me to brew, but a few years back I became interested in brewing loose-leaf. It only took me a week of the flu and a 5 cup a day consumption to recognize just how much waste I was producing producing (not to mention the resources used  just to produce those bags.) Initially I felt the miniscule impact of my tea habit wasn't worth changing my routine for, and I still feel it isn't that a big deal... I mean tea bags are biodegradable, right? But if I were composting my bags then I feel that would be legitimate argument for me. So here are my motivations for the switch:

It's Prettier

Shallow, yes. But incentive nonetheless. I love the look of loose-leaf and seeing just what ingredients are coming together to help me unwind, which brings me to my next point...

It's Customizable

Whether you buy in bulk or purchase from a boutique, you can choose you perfect flavor profiles. And while you are choosing you are also controlling what goes inside your body.

It Tastes Better

Because I put the care into choosing my teas I also tend to take more care in brewing them. Instead of pouring scalding water over the leaves or ignoring proportions I actually pay more attention. The whole process of brewing becomes a ritual and part of my unwinding process.

Smaller Impact

I like the fact that I am throwing away a little less and also reducing consumer demand on the production end. I think an individuals purchasing power is something discounted, but it is probably the most effective forces that shapes our world. Loose leaf can be more expensive, especially if you go the organic or Tevana route... but as demand grows prices come down. And in the meantime I don't mind paying a little more. I either order in bulk, or go with the very moderately priced and delicious Harney & Sons teas.

These are just the reasons that got me to break out of old habits and leave behind the convenience of disposable teabags. And to make things a little easier, here are a few brewing products that I have tried or caught my eye:

I really like this Tea for One Brewing Set

The Tipping Teacup is super chic and clever. I really want one and am about to ignore my minimalist bend and get it! 

The For Life Infuser with Dish is great for at home or in the office

For Travel I like a French Press tumbler to prevent over Steeping like this Bodum insulated one

Or you can make your own reusable bags