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Illustrated Haiku Report

It’s kind of a big deal when the latest IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change report is release. There are daily countdowns on Twitter, scandalous leaks to the media, and a slew of opinions analyzing the summary report moments after it’s release. But I should clarify, it’s a big deal, but only in the climate change community…

Most people don’t know, nor do they care about a very long and dense technical report summarizing the past 6 years worth of science on climate science, impacts, adaptation, and mitigation. I would argue they should, but that still won’t make most. What might are 19 watercolor depictions of the report’s leading themes and accompanying haikus.

The creator, Dr. Gregory Johnson and oceanographer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), mentioned in a blog post that he no idea his pictures and poems would blow-up as they did. As climate change is becoming more nascent in the public consciousness, short and sweet summaries that can paint a picture (or already come with them) are the first to go viral.

Look at all 19 images summarizing the International Panel on Climate Change's 2013 AR5 WG1, Summary for Policymakers below. My favorite is "Water Meets Air," 17 syllables summarizing the Clausius-Clayperon Effect.