Mindful Pours

I have been sharing my morning coffees on Instagram for a few years and recently I took it to a new level with little videos in slo-mo of what I call “mindful pours.”

I have shared before how my coffee routine was one of the very first mindful practices I implemented in my life. It became a consistent time to reflect and take it slow in my day, and starting the day off this way has been invaluable to me.

Last week when I shared one of these slow pours in my Instagram stories I received a message from someone saying how it made them feel happy and also impatient. When I read that I immediately connected with the impatient feeling. I love these short videos, I even feel entranced by them most of the time. But often, especially towards the end I start feeling an urgency for it to end and I have to fight the urge to click through or swipe the video away so I can move on to the next thing. I sit there in a slightly uncomfortable place and think about why I am rushing this experience and then wait out the next few seconds.

I only share this because I find it interesting that something I do specifically out of enjoyment and to take a few moments for myself can be hard for me even still. Depending on what life state I am in I can be more patient or more hurried. And maybe the Hurley will lessen as I strengthen my mindfulness muscle, or maybe it is okay to not to always be in the moment immediately if I am able to quickly recognize when I am not and pull my self back here.