What I Wore, Walk to the Cafe


I work from home, and although I am the ultimate homebody, sometimes I need to get out and get a change of scenery. Sunday was one of those times. I dragged my partner out of bed into the misty morning for a 15 minute walk to a nearby cafe. Armed with our iPads and notebooks we enjoyed a quiet walk though our neighborhood and then delicious coffee. This is what I wore, keeping my warm enough for the trek there, but cool enough for the return back as the sun began peaking through the fog.


Outfit details:

Vintage turtleneck sweater my grandma passed down

Thrifted denim (see it here too)

Everlane Babo Mules

Mejuri boyfriend hoops

Plastic Freedom: Toothbrush

Sticking with the theme of metal health, the second regularly purchased (and thrown away) plastic item is my toothbrush. I actually have been using Quip for a few years, but I have novel loved the plastic replacement heads and packaging it comes in. I decided to try out Goodwell’s premium toothbrush that also includes a subscription model and replaceable brush heads, but their heads are actually biodegradable!


Alternative Products

  1. Bamboo toothbrushes with biodegradable bristles like Goodwell’s.

  2. Brushes made from biodegradable plastic alternative materials or recycled (and re-recyclable) materials.

  3. Mechanical or electric toothbrushes with biodegradable replacement heads like Goodwell’s Be Brush (which required no electricity or charging!).

What I Wore on a Crisp Beach Morning


After a week of travel I was in need of a slow morning by the ocean to feel grounded and more myself. I woke up early, started my morning routine, pulled on my new cardigan, and headed with my guy to Venice Beach. I love early September mornings on the beach because the air is cool and quiet, the water is warm, and the crowds are still asleep. As I was walking the rough the soft surf I could help but think about how I would love my pant hems to be soaked in salt water everyday from now on.


Outfit details:

Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan (get 20% off any order with code GINA20)

Thrifted denim (which I found in the boys section!)

Old black tank (similar layering tank here)

Mejuri sun necklace

Another Birthday

Monday I turned 32, and as my sweet godson pointed out, “wow, that’s old!”


I actually spent my birthday in NC with my family, mostly my grandma, who recently got some unfortunate health news. Despite that she is still living her life with vitality and joy as always and that was the greatest gift for me to witness for my 32nd rotation on this planet. While there My family put together an epic bbq with so many delicious dishes and enough food to feed an army. I was also there for my grandmother the morning of my birthday when she had to put down her 19 year old dog suddenly after a couple of weeks of rapid decline. And then there were many grocery runs, cooking of meals, watching of HGTV shows, laughing at random things, and discussions of life that took place. All in all wonderful.

being home made me realize what a treasure it is to invest in time with the people you love. I mean we all know that, but this time I really felt that. It became even clearer that all the hard work I do is not for money, but for freedom to be with the people I want, when I want. That is the greatest luxury.