How to Manage a Cold While Traveling

My biggest fear while traveling is getting sick before departure, my next biggest, getting sick while on the road! But worry no more, catching a bug doesn't have to be a trip-ruiner anymore. This summer I caught a nasty cold somewhere in between Greece and Italy and through the sneezes and sniffles I was pretty distressed that my trip was ruined. Maybe a little dramatic, but what's worse than being bed-ridden when you're supposed to be soaking in paradise??? Well I am happy to say my trip wasn't ruined and I picked up a few tricks to combat that energy-sucking cold that I can not pass along.


Rest Up

I know, who wants to rest while on an adventure, not I. But as Grandma has probably told you a thousand times, rest is what the body needs to bounce back faster. I suggest starting your day a little later, going to bed earlier and slipping in nap where you can. While in Italy I recovered on the rocky beaches of Riomaggiore to dose up on vitamin D and rest my way to health. Not a bad way to nurse yourself.

Eat Well and Regularly

Maybe it is only me, but when I am exploring a new place I sometimes forget to eat! But pushing or skipping meals when your immune system is down is not an option. Be sure to eat regularly and well, getting lots of vitamin rich foods into your diet. I also tend to avoid too much caffeine and excessive sugars to prevent sugar highs and caffeine crashes and keep fruit with me instead.

Supplement and Medicate Lightly

Finally, quicken your recovery with medicine, but nothing too heavy because you still want to have a memory of your vacation when you get home! For sinus and chest congestion I like to have olbas oil and/or Vicks VapoRub to open up my airway. I also find chewable vitamin C supplements and Advil are a must to strengthen immunity and ease aches. This app is super helpful for purchasing the meds you need in other languages.

Now that I have written this I hope you never ever need to heed this advice and enjoy your next adventure in full health!