Space Program Europa at the YBCA

I haven't been up for writing over the past week or so. I have some serious new administration blues that seem to worsen with each press release. So until I get my attitude together and figure out a way to contribute positively I will post about other's beautiful contributions to society! Today I want to share with you a few photos from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) in San Francisco.

Sharing this feels particularly relevant for me considering all of the political actions against the federal science agencies and anyone federally funded in the sciences (especially working on climate change and sustainability). As a climate scientist who relied on federal dollars for all of the research I have ever been involved in I feel the hurt. I hurt because this work, work seeking to help humanity and the most vulnerable communities do not receive significant funding from other sources, certainly not from private one. So this post is dedicated to the determined scientists out there, inspiring hope, art, and a better society for all on a daily basis. We shall resist, we shall overcome.

Landing Excursion Module (LEM), a 1:1 model of the Apollo lunar module
Landing Excursion Module (LEM), a 1:1 model of the Apollo lunar module

While at the YBCA I examined in depth Tom Sachs' third Space Program, Europa which ran through the 15th of this month. In the introduction to this work Sachs writes, 

In our age of disaffection, the sculptures in this exhibition are also objects of love that support the rituals of studio practice, all things analog, and the handmade. Their meaning is born out of action in time - the original act of their making, and later their use, charges them with purpose beyond art for its own sake.


That's it for my little glimpse into this intricate exhibition and truly hope you get to see some of Sachs "postindustrial mashup of high and low culture" (as he has said) in the future! Save a few hours to if you do, it is very thought provoking and such a spectacle to see.