A Porto AirBnB for Three

The problem with blogging about my travels is that I take FOREVER to blog about my travels.

But better late than never right? I want to share more about my trip to Europe last summer, the trip that happened before my sudden move to Los Angeles. Lets start with my Porto Airbnb!


My partner, his brother and I stayed in this cozy and eclectic apartment (Ai, Porto - Family & Friends) on the top floor of a typical residence near the University of Porto. Although the climb to the top is as grueling as the steepest of Porto's streets, the balcony and view from above was worth it.


Our hosts obviously took a lot of time decorating, and I particularly appreciated the lush plants everywhere, gifts of port and chocolate, and the design magazines throughout the apartment. The only possible downside to this spot is that there is no kitchen, but considering how much amazing food Porto had to offer this was not a problem for us at all.


All in all this was an place to write home about and made our time exploring Porto that much more memorable.