Slow Fashion

What I Wore on an Overcast Beach Morning


When I started my business, Two Days Off, I stared by making the clothes that filled gaps in my wardrobe. And that’s pretty much how I have continued to design. These pants are 100% an example of this. I have been in need of a tapered pant that is comfortable and can be dressed up and (more importantly) down. Here I wore them with an easy tee and my favorite summer hat for a cool morning on the beach.


Outfit details:

Printed tee from Camp Kayne last week

Two Days Off Kyoko Ciggie Pant in Surplus Green

Nude leather slides

Selah Collection Joss Hat

Vintage straw bag I traded for on Depop some years ago (best trade ever)

What I Wore, Walk to the Cafe


I work from home, and although I am the ultimate homebody, sometimes I need to get out and get a change of scenery. Sunday was one of those times. I dragged my partner out of bed into the misty morning for a 15 minute walk to a nearby cafe. Armed with our iPads and notebooks we enjoyed a quiet walk though our neighborhood and then delicious coffee. This is what I wore, keeping my warm enough for the trek there, but cool enough for the return back as the sun began peaking through the fog.


Outfit details:

Vintage turtleneck sweater my grandma passed down

Thrifted denim (see it here too)

Everlane Babo Mules

Mejuri boyfriend hoops

What I Wore on a Crisp Beach Morning


After a week of travel I was in need of a slow morning by the ocean to feel grounded and more myself. I woke up early, started my morning routine, pulled on my new cardigan, and headed with my guy to Venice Beach. I love early September mornings on the beach because the air is cool and quiet, the water is warm, and the crowds are still asleep. As I was walking the rough the soft surf I could help but think about how I would love my pant hems to be soaked in salt water everyday from now on.


Outfit details:

Jenni Kayne Cocoon Cardigan (get 20% off any order with code GINA20)

Thrifted denim (which I found in the boys section!)

Old black tank (similar layering tank here)

Mejuri sun necklace

What I Wore, Labor Day Edition


I love an easy outfit, and this hat + linen top + pleated short was just that. I have had this linen shirt for at least 5 years now and it is holding up surprisingly well. It used to be exclusively reserved for NYC summers and vacation, but since moving to LA I reach for it constantly for an easy beach/workout clothes cover up or just a casual weekday look. Paired with these new-to-me vintage shorts I felt put together but simply styled which left room for my new hat, which is both a showstopper and incredibly practical.


All the links:

Selah Collection Joss Hat

Warby Parker Fisher sunnies

Two Days Off tote bag

5 year old Uniqlo linen button-up (similar here)

Rawson vintage shorts

Havaianas sandal (I have had these since 2014 and they are still going strong!)

Minimalist Packing: Summer in Europe

I have wanted to do a minimalist wardrobe packing post of ages! And I am finally organized (with enough photos) to do one. This post is essentially a what I made, what I wore, and how to pack light (one of my travel resolutions!) all in one. Although, it doesn't include the few electronics or toiletries I brought along with me, and for the sake of not droning on forever those will have to wait for another time.




For my 2 weeks in Europe this September, easy day dresses (that are easy to wash if needed) were my go to. I prefer simple silhouettes that can be worn with any shoe like the ones pictured above and below. The black one on the top left is a tencel number from Zara's Join Life collection, and the one on the right is a just a striped t-shirt dress.


Again with the easy dresses, and these two I made! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I love to get my sew on (this girl over here is really getting to her slow fashion). And this summer I challenged myself to make as many garments as I needed to take along with me to Europe instead of buying new stuff. In total, I made 2 dresses, a skirt, 2 tops, a necklace and a bag for this trip! On the left, you'll see I am wearing a me-made grey and white striped linen shift dress with a v-neck, and on the right a boxy cotton number that ended up being perfect for the beach.


When packing for longer trips I stick to what I love to wear, that generally means denim, stripes, linen, and tees. Some of my most worn tops were a self-made navy striped breton top tee, a self-made black linen top, my Everlane white linen tank and navy boxy tee. I also packed 2 more striped items, one a shirt dress and the other a t-shirt dress, because I can never have enough stripes. On the bottom, I kept it super minimal with a pair of black high waisted jeans, denim cut-off shorts, and a black linen wrap skirt that I drafted and made myself!




Outerwear can take up a lot of precious real-estate in your carry on so I bring items that are layerable on the plane and can work with every outfit I pack. This year my denim trucker jacket was the savior of cooler mornings and evenings. And an item I never leave at home is my 4-year-old Uniqlo Ultra Light puffer jacket. This thing is light enough to fit under any jacket for added warmth but thin and light enough to get tucked away in the smallest of handbags. When all else fails and I just couldn't bear to wear either of those layers, I would just steal my boyfriends grey cardi, because after all sharing is caring.



Shoes, much like outerwear, is bulky and if you are like me you probably have a very hard time keeping this category to a minimum. But now I have a pretty tried and true method of packing footwear when I am planning a variety of activities. I forget about heels, I may wear them once for a few hours but the nuisance of packing isn't worth it. Instead, I opt for a simple, versatile and comfortable sandal that can be dressed up like my broken in Madewell leather sandals on the left. I also always pack my rubber Havaianas that double as a house slipper and beach sandal. And finally I have a walking/travel sneaker like my Supergas on the right, this is the shoe that will bail you our when your dogs are barking after days on days of exploring.

accessories & bags


Last but not least the accessories! This is the key to variety in my outfits when I pack light. I usually have a pair of earrings or two, a bracelet and a couple of necklaces tucked away. A scarf, and belt that can be work at the hip or natural waits is always useful. And then a pair (or two) of sunglasses.

As for bags, I am not much of a minimalist, but fortunately, the bags I take can fit within one another and take up very little space. I use a Fjallraven backpack as my hand luggage while traveling. I find that the wrap around zipper just makes accessing all the stuff in my bag so much easier when on the go, and it fits a lot without being heavy or bulky. I also always have simple tote bag squirreled away for those moments when I need to stash a layer or pack up a beach blanket. But for nicer dinners or slightly dressier outfits, I take a small black leather cross body bag. It is simple enough to wear during the day but looks nice enough for a night out. And finally, this year I took a special beach bag I made from a clothesline. Normally I would probably skip this item but since I made it and love it I brought it with me and did get a bit of use out of it on our beach days.

And that is everything! All of this (plus my toiletries) fit comfortably into my lovely Away carry on. I will be writing a review on this suitcase soon, I wanted to use a few times first before posting, and now I finally have seen both the good and the bad and can give a comprehensive review.

I hope this packing summary helps anyone who is trying to pack a bit lighter. Let me know if you have any packing hacks or holy grail items!