The Mindful Notes Podcast | Episode 0


In 2017 I did a project that I called 100 Days of Mindfulness. It was inspired by the #100DaysProject and it changed my life. Yes, I know how dramatic that sounds, but if you know me you know I am not a dramatic person... so I repeat, my 100 days of mindfulness changed my life. I challenge myself to start meditating consistently and to develop daily mindful practices. I shared this challenge on Instagram, and that public announcement really made me accountable to this effort. I read about mindfulness, intentional living, and meditation. And I began surrounding myself with people who could teach me more. My life blossomed and I felt myself appreciating new things in my life and creating space to enjoy those things more.

In 2018 I did another 100 days mindfulness and along the way I recorded a few mindful notes to myself. These notes we a chance for me to take note of my observations and reflections on the life I am designing for myself. I’ve decided to share these with the world on the off chance that one of these notes proves meaningful to someone other than me.

Here goes, season one of Mindful Notes!